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ADD:Baota Road,Lst Induxtrial Area,Bao-tan Vilage,Houjie Town,Dongguan City.
Tel: +86-769-85588818 85580668 (60line)
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Glue: Mr Chen 13712110888
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About us
The Company is a paper production, trade, glue production and external processing as one of the large companies.
Production, Trade
Professional management of double gray cardboard, monthly production double gray cardboard 5 tons or more. In addition to our small pig cards Greyboard also operates outside South Korea, Indonesia and other imported gray paperboard, as well as coated white paper, double-sided whiteboard,
single black, double black card, specifications 250G-3000G, in addition to conventional positive and large degrees outside, our company has a large roll, can be customized according to user needs special specifications.

Processing Department
Processing Department has 13 sets laminating machine, eight presses, seven Taiwan Beer machine, 2 buffalo beer and other train services, day or night classes 24 hours processing services, laminating specialty paper focuses polished after deformation, the bottom pin bit error should not exceed the paper 1MM for high efficiency and high quality of the processing complex, with an average each machine large and small paper degrees per hour Framed 1200-1400. Master laminating laminating accumulated 10 years of experience, to undertake cardboard, corrugated paper, double gray paper books and more than 80G paper pasting processing of different paper choose a different glue, do the best paper effect (no distortion, non-stick flowers, no blistering, fever light), moisture control to a minimum, and its high precision needle position accurately, glossy paper with the bottom line can do a bit not bad results, the after pasting paper presses can be directly sent to the Ministry of beer production.

Double gray portion
  Double gray department has infrared drying machine, roll laminating machine, paper cutting machine, cutting machine, flash, etc., can do the paper flat and smooth deformation, can be controlled at the paper moisture below 10 degrees, and customized special specifications according to user needs.
  The company has a professional chemical engineer three people, develop and produce a variety of models and PVA white glue laminating glue, this glue nontoxic, low moisture, dries quickly after laminating, white latex suitable for PVC, PP, plastic, wood, all kinds of paper products such as paste, PVA glue laminating can pasting colored paper and corrugated paper, card paper and cardboard, double gray paper on the mounted so sticky phase after deformation.

  The company has 21 NTU trucks, can timely delivery, 24-hour service.
  All employees of the company of "quality first, delivery on time," the purpose, with a cautious attitude, excellent technical service and good business reputation, constantly own practice, innovation, come up with better products Framed card process to make some contribution, we sincerely welcome customers to order goods and processed.
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